Alemão (the artistic name of Anderson Lemes) is probably the coolest of the Brazillian artists, representing urban art and cheerfully admitting to having had some colorful “conversations” with police in his home state of São Paolo – “about six times”, when he was a young street artist “decorating” walls in his hometown.

He has found a place for the Mona Lisa (often with a beard) in his collage and painting multimedia works, although he hastens to say that he didn’t dare take one of those paintings to the Louvre.

The paintings from the series “Bicicletas” gained notoriety on the internet, arousing the interest of the owner of the gallery Valentino in Rio de Janeiro, who invited him to exhibit his works. In just two months, the gallery negotiated all the submitted canvases, a total of 25 canvases. With such natural diffusion came the invitations to participate in international exhibitions. The great proposals emerged, several to promote his art to other countries, with exhibitions in Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Japan, the United States, among others, totaling 25 countries. Today, Alemão shines in North America and Europe With exhibitions in Toronto, Canada, New York and Miami in the United States and a solo exhibition in Finland in Eastern Europe, in Domodossola-Italy with the right to Car Smart graffitied, great publicity in the newspapers and the local television press and an article page in one of the most famous newspapers in Europe, the achievements do not stop there, he participated in 2 exhibitions in 2 consecutive years at the Louvre Museum, in which he was invited and considered a revelation in the two events at the which all his works were sold. Its aim is to make art in different countries and cities where art is not accessible.

The Collection

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